Toyota 22R Front Cover Fastener Guide
A detailed guide to the myriad nuts and bolts securing the timing chain cover to a Toyota 22R engine.
Poor Man's Cooling System Maintenance And Prevention
An inexpensive way to clean out your vehicle's cooling system, and to prevent future contamination.
Homemade Automotive Crankshaft Immobilizer
A simple tool to prevent an engine's crankshaft from turning.


Anthro Cart Cable Organizers
Simple, 3-D-printable cable organizers designed to attach to the tubular uprights of Anthro-brand carts and desks. [Solvespace]
Hose-Cutting Jig
A simple jig to facilitate the making of clean, square cuts of soft hose and tubing. [Solvespace]
Shelf Support Pegs
Sturdy replacements for cheap, single-peg shelf supports. [Solvespace]
X-Axis Limit Switch Bracket For The Monoprice Select Mini
An adjustable mounting bracket for the X-axis limit switch of a Monoprice Select Mini 3-D printer. [Solvespace]