Photo of the PSAS rocket lifting off.

Amateur Rockets and Nano-Satellites

The Portland State Aerospace Society is a multi-disciplinary group of engineering students and industry professionals. We design, build, and fly our own rockets! Ours are not the toy models you may be familiar with; they're over ten feet tall, and are equipped with sophisticated avionics. Our (very) long-term goal is the development of a launch vehicle capable of placing a nano-satellite into low earth orbit.

We're also working on OreSat, Oregon's first satellite. OreSat is a CubeSat, to be launched sometime in 2019-2020 as part of NASA's CubeSat Launch Initiative.


Breadboard Power Supply
A small power supply designed to fit solidly onto a common solderless breadboard. [KiCAD]
External Power Supplies for Duracell LED Lamps
An external DC power supply for Duracell battery-powered LED lamps. [KiCAD]
Gear Indicator For Electronically-Controlled Automatic Transmission
A seven-segment LED display indicating the currently-selected gear of an electronically-controlled automatic transmission. A work in progress. [KiCAD]
A simple printed circuit board that makes it easy to plug the surface-mount LTC2991 into a standard solderless breadboard. [KiCAD]
Seven Segment LED Display Modules
A pair of small printed circuit boards designed to mount a single-digit seven-segment LED display. [KiCAD]


Reflow Toaster Oven Conversion
Thoughts on my experience modifying a common toaster oven for reflow solder service.
Lessons Learned In The Design Of A Simple Printed Circuit Board
Turning screw-ups into teachable moments.